At USI, our Security Services division provides personalized and cost efficient security related services. Rather than having to hire, train, and manage your own security guard employees, USI Security Services, Inc. can provide that service and can help you make the transition to securing your building or property, hassle-free. With years of law enforcement experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, along with the most advanced technological tools the industry has to offer, you can trust that our security guard services set the benchmark that other companies strive for, and is everything you need to keep your building and employees safe!

Security Guards

Our security force is staffed by experienced licensed professionals, many of whom are former military or law enforcement personnel. Each guard is licensed within the state he will be working within, which through that licensing process, requires a multitude of hours of classroom education. That individual will then undergo a comprehensive background check prior to employment with USI Security Services, Inc. Furthermore, we make sure each of our security guard officials are then trained in USI Security Services, Inc. policies and procedures, and then to the specific needs of the client, the building they are entrusted to safeguard, and the varying posts and patrols they may be responsible for. This ensures as well-rounded and as educated a guard as feasibly possible. With an on-going in-service program, we ensure that only the best qualified individuals represent our client.

Services provided are inclusive of;
-Post Services
-Ground Access Controls
-Operation of Visitor Control
-Alarm Monitoring Service
-Armed & Un-Armed Guards
-Rounds & Vehicular Patrol Services
-Central Station Monitoring Services
-Fire Prevention & Control
-Emergency Procedures

Security/Loss Prevention

Once contracted, USI Security Services will compile a comprehensive professional list of all areas of potential vulnerability, both inside and outside your property. Before we even begin with the provision of security services, we look to identify “soft-spots” or weaknesses in and around the facility for possible correction. In this, we make certain to not only understand all areas of the premises and establish requirements to heighten safety, but to increase our awareness towards areas that may be in need of additional attention. Areas of the facility that USI Security Services focuses on are:
-Exterior Lighting
-Interior Lighting
-Locks & Key Control
-Access Control Points
-Closed Circuit Video Systems
-Alarm Systems
-Parking areas
-Fire suppression devices
-Alarm Systems, & Emergency Exits
-Points of Ingress & Egress

Looking for Security Services?

If you’re looking for security for a educational, government, industrial, institutional or commercial building but don’t have the resources or time to train and hire your own team of security experts, USI is here for you. If you’re ready to speak with us about your security needs, contact us today.

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