Often, the first impression visitors have of your building are ones influenced not only by the size and perhaps architectural style, but the condition and overall cleanliness of the building grounds. No matter the type of building, a pristine well-maintained exterior impresses visitors and sets the tone before one even enters the structure. Let us help you and your organization make the best first impression possible by allowing us to offer you our specialized exterior services.

Some of Our Exterior Services

Whatever exterior service you need, we can develop a customized plan to meet your specifications. United Services will deploy a team of grounds-keeping experts to provide a full array of exterior services, including:
-Light Landscaping
-Snow Plowing & Removal
-Parking Lot Sweeping
-Window Washing
-Graffiti Removal

Benefits of Choosing United Services for Exterior Services

With over 30 years of experience, choosing United Services to service you building and grounds exterior needs is an advantage in and of itself. Having dealt with a multitude of clients, each with varying demographics and needs, we have a wealth of experience at hand to offer a multitude of options.

In addition, a company with the expertise of handling both your interior and exterior needs eliminates the requirement of an additional company, and the administrative oversight of multiple points of contact from each company. This can save the client a considerable sum of money.

With staff continually on-site providing interior services, you will have the luxury of re-assigning any of our interior staff to immediately address exterior needs, rather than having to rely on a service provider who shows up once a week to service your grounds.

On-Site Supervisors: Every exterior maintenance contract with United Services includes an on-site supervisor to make sure our quality control and job expectations are met.

Constant Support: United Services is ready when you need us, whether you require a daily service, seasonal maintenance or an immediate response during a flood, snowstorm, power outage or other emergency.

Need Help with Exterior Maintenance?

When it comes to choosing United Services for your exterior maintenance, you are selecting a company that is determined to meet and exceed your needs. With every exterior maintenance contract, we make certain to address your specific needs. Give us a call today to get started on a quote for exterior service from United Services.

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