United Services Inc. offers various services to government, industrial, institutional and commercial accounts, providing professional service that clients can trust. All of our services are tailored to alleviate the concerns of our clients in dealing with the day to day operations of the janitorial, exterior maintenance, building maintenance, and security needs.

Services to Fit Your Specific Needs

Whatever service, or combination of services you are looking for to more effectively complement your business, we can develop a solution that suits all your needs. After consulting with your staff members to ascertain specific needs, conducting an exhaustive walk-through and analysis of the building logistics, we will formulate a plan that not only meets the requests of our client, but offers a solution you would expect, from a committed staff managed by dedicated professionals and empowered by state of the art equipment, technology and supplies.

Always Here When You Need Us

With a 24 hour-7 day a week emergency hotline, you can be assured that USI will be there for you, when you need us the most. We understand that unexpected issues arise that one may not be prepared for or problems can occur on off-hours where staff may be limited, or not present. To address this, we have established our hotline (877-874-2447) so that our clients can reach United Services immediately, allowing us to address any issue our clients feel we may offer assistance in.

Management and Supervision

At United Services Inc., I as president, want to enforce values on my managerial staff that are ultimately reflected in the account, and the aesthetics of my customer’s surroundings. That’s one of the reasons United Services, Inc. is so stringent in the selection of top management and supervision to represent us. United Services, Inc. hires only degreed management in the field of which I am looking to fill. Further, both management and supervision will receive over 60 hours of training in their first 90 days of service with United Services, Inc.

Choosing Services Offered by United Services, Inc.

Ready to talk to us about how we can help in your business maintenance, security or cleaning needs? Contact us today and let’s schedule a time to meet, view your building and/or property, and come up with a detailed plan of specifications that best meet your needs.

For more Information

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